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Janet Smith BeBlessed Health and Fitness

Janet Smith BeBlessed Health and Fitness

Wife, Step Parent, Doggie Momma, Shoe Lover, Foodie, Beer Drinker and Transformation Coach who loves her family, friends and Jesus. Life is about balance. Enjoy the ride while taking care of your health. My family and my health are my WHY. The reason why I care about fitness and nutrition. My journey to live a healthy lifestyle has changed my life and it's turned into a passion for helping others change their lives too. Transformation is possible. I believe in YOU!

Yes, Size Matters!

Posted by Janet Smith BeBlessed Health and Fitness on March 7 2017, 11:20am

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Yes, Size Matters!

The number one reason most people don't see results from a fitness program is PORTION SIZE!

I know...you don't want to hear it. You just want to eat until your full. Well, I can promise you that if you're eating the right combo of foods in the right amounts, you'll never feel hungry and you WILL see RESULTS!

Even when I lost weight, I didn't understand this. I looked at calorie counts only so while I was in a calorie deficit, my body wasn't being fueled properly and I felt hungry all the time.

It wasn't until I participated in a program that included a meal plan focused on portion size and food group quantity that I started getting the results I wanted, both in my weight as well as my muscle definition and performance stamina.

This exercise thought me that what I THOUGHT I knew about food was so wrong. I've been able to carry the process with me through multiple programs and I'm conscious now of what and how much of each food group I put into my body. When I follow the plan, I'm definitely not hungry.

If you struggle with this, I'd love to help you. If it worked for me, I'm sure it could work for you.


I've got a group starting soon that will help with this issue. It's all about trimming down for spring. Slimming down our bodies and decluttering our lives.

Message me and we can talk about your goals.

I'd love to know which of these areas you struggle with most. Comment below or email me at janetsmith0905@gmail.com.

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